La Cobata


La Congiunta, the museum where I visited in 2009 and it took me 2 hours by train and buses from Zurich. The museum is located at the village of Giornico surrounded by the beautiful mountains, south of Switzerland and housed in a modern building designed by architect Peter Märkli. There are no staff working at the museum meaning a key needs to be retrieved from the bar nearby. The museum itself contains a collection of reliefs and sculptures created by Hans Josephsohn during the period of 1950-1990. There is no artificial lighting so that you can appreciate the art with natural lighting. Josephsohn’s art gives the impression of one with the surrounding environment, the building and the path to it. Last year, I visited a building that used to be a store in Teshima. It is located on the island of Setouchi and takes an hour from Takamatsu by walk and boat. The store is used as a warehouse so there are no staff working there, which means the key also needs to be borrowed at a house nearby. Inside of the building, there is a table, a washing machine and some cardboard boxes illuminated by natural light without any presence of artificial lighting. I named this building La Cobata by adding “La” to the outside sign of “Cobata” as I found something in common with La Congiunta. I searched the name of La Cobata and discovered that it was a Mexican place name and an archaeological site of Olmec culture (a stone head sculpture). This story of La Cobata is reminiscent of a childhood game called broken telephone. Masanao Hirayama

2304 Teshimaieura, Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture

How to Get the keys:
The keys for La Cobata are in "Rent-a-car Aki", which is a 3-minute walk from Ieura Port. Keys can be rented for one group per day (8am-4pm).

La Cobata
Masanao Hirayama
Tetsuya Ogasawara
Yuichi Uehara
Aki Sekiyu

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